The Plague has Started…


Day P-365
Journal of Doctor Eberhard Reese
Modification of the Bubonic plague sample continues, albeit slowly. We are striving to create a sample that is highly infectious in the initial stages yet becomes inert once passed beyond the initial carrier. Thus far, we have failed in the second part of this effort and succeeded only in creating a virus which spreads, as they say, “like wildfire” in 98.7% of test subjects with the remaining 1.3% having a natural immunity to the virus. Perhaps if we mate it with a less virulent strain of Falshantz-Hine disease.

Day P-207
Journal of Doctor Rudolph Mengele
Doctor Reese succeeded in grafting a sample of Falshantz-Hine to the B-1138 created in the laboratory. The successful splice has, however resulted in a mutated disease that is just as virulent as the initial disease, albeit more difficult to spread. Rather than spreading through the air the new strain is spread through bodily fluids. Upon the death of test subjects the disease becomes aerosolized in a spray of blood and body fluids that infects anyone it touches. This could be a useful trait once the virus is under control. We are focusing on making the virus inert once a populace has been eliminated…

Day P-10
Journal of Doctor Gladys Pine
B-1138Z is far more deadly than initially intended. Doctor Reese contracted the disease while working with a test subject and passed away within forty-eight hours. His body has been placed in cryostasis for shipment to Area 57 for an autopsy and specimen samples.
Meanwhile we continue to work with the initial primate subjects who it seems can develop an immunity over time.

Day P-8
Journal of Doctor Rudolph Mengele
We received word that Doctor Reese has awakened, however still appears to be, for all intents and purposes, dead. He attacked Doctor Kline, killing him and eating the poor man’s soft tissues before he could be contained. His corpse is being returned for a secondary autopsy.

Day P-6
Journal of Doctor Rudolph Mengele
Doctor Reese… or whatever he is now, got free and went on what can only be called a feeding frenzy. Everyone he has bitten has shown the first stages of B-1138Z, including pustules on the tongue and hands. We have started bio-containment and locked down the facility in an attempt to prevent the spread of the contagion. I have high hopes that the cure Doctor Pine has been working on will treat those who have contracted the disease and contain the outbreak…


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